Artsy Features Own Art as Supporters of Local Artists & Art Dealers

At Own Art, we are honoured to be featured in Artsy’s latest article on how ‘Governments Are Giving Collectors Interest-Free Loans to Support Local Artists and Dealers’. Alongside various other brilliant art finance based schemes such as Collectorplan in Wales and Kunst Aan Zet based in Flanders or Brussels to help buyers purchase works by artists living and working there.

“Since 2004, Own Art has loaned about £51.7 million in its efforts to invigorate the local creative economy and support galleries, collectors, and living artists. “


What’s even better is that the loans available through us at Own Art, are completely interest-free and allow collectors to borrow up to £25,000 to purchase art, design, and craft objects. Available at any of our member affiliated galleries and art fairs, which can be found here.

Mary-Alice Stack, our chief executive at Creative United, also operating Own Art. Stack acknowledges the changes e-commerce and social media have played in the way many choose to purchase contemporary art now. Where gallery sales were the main transaction holders, the online marketplace is an increasingly frequented place for many to browse and purchase at a click of a finger.

“It’s very much about democratizing the art market, making sure that everyone feels entitled and able to discover and purchase work.”

Mary-Alice Stack, Chief Executive at Creative United

The main ambition behind the Own Art scheme is that art-buying becomes highly accessible and more the norm to many- with or without applying for a loan through Own Art first.

Read the full article here.

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Photography courtesy of Teresa Fan.