BBC’s The Arts Show meets Gormleys Fine Art

On Wednesday 29th April, BBC’s The Arts Show presented “a beginner’s guide to buying art on a budget” in the Northern Irish market. The BBC were keen to feature a “gallery that offers customers the option of buying artworks under the Own Art scheme” and we were delighted that our member gallery Gormleys Fine Art was approached to feature in the show.

The experienced owner, Oliver Gormley, shared his thoughts on art collecting and the benefits of Own Art. Gormley rightly states “you don’t have to be a millionaire to collect art!” The owner shared his passion for getting first time buyers “hooked on art” and explained that once customers have bought one piece using Own Art they often come back for many more.

Gormley described what being part of the Own Art programme means for his business and for his customers:

Since 2011 when we first introduced the initiative we have seen a steady growth of interest in the scheme from a wide variety of customers. It has helped us and our artists immensely and improves cash flow.  From first time buyers to seasoned collectors, it has made owning a piece of art very accessible and has attracted buyers from across the UK to Gormleys. We were thrilled when the BBC’s Northern Ireland The Arts Show wanted to do a feature on ourselves and this has helped promote Own Art to a wider audience. In a time of cuts to arts budgets across the UK we are particularly impressed by the scheme and how it helps local galleries and artists.

The show was aired on Wednesday 29th April 2015 BBC 2 NI and will show again on Sunday 3rd May on BBC 1 NI at 10.30pm. If you missed out then catch up here on iPlayer until 3rd June 2015.