‘Breaking Free’: Terence Clarke, Julian Mason and Terry Evans

by York Fine Arts | York
Date of event: 01/04/22 - 01/05/22

Bringing together a chromatic collection of wild, uninhibited paintings by Terence Clarke, Julian Mason and Terry Evans, ‘Breaking Free’ celebrates bright and bold new beginnings in an unrestrained natural world. Exploding with colour and movement, the gallery’s spring show is guaranteed to energise and electrify collectors of contemporary art.

Terence Clarke injects zest and vitality into the everyday experience with his scintillating paintings. When viewing his work, there is both suspension of belief and true acceptance that the world can in fact be so unfettered and breathtakingly vivid.

Plein air painter Julian Mason epitomises freedom with his approach to painting. Preferring to work en plein air rather than within the confines of the studio, Julian often treks for miles with brushes and easel in tow to reach some of the country’s most scenic locations. Here, in the quiet, rugged sanctuary of the outdoors, Julian is free to create an authentic representation of the landscape he so loves.

A beloved British landscape artist with a successful career spanning decades, Terry Evans is best known for his impasto paintings that echo the untamed beauty of the natural landscape. Utilising a bold colour palette and a nearly sculptural style, Terry masterfully translates the allure of the wild spaces left untouched by human presence.