Bryan Hanlon one man show this October

by The Wykeham Gallery | Stockbridge
Date of event: 25/10/19 - 16/11/19

Influenced by Joni Mitchell, this exhibition is set to inspire anyone with a love and appreciation of our natural environment.

“This exhibition will be exclusively still life and bronze sculptures of birds. The still life will depict things that have inspired me over the years; reaching back to my childhood and messing around in the fields near my home” said Bryan.

The main inspiration for this exhibition is the world-famous “Big Yellow Taxi” song from the 1970s, written by Joni Mitchell. One particular verse plays a pivotal role:

“Hey farmer farmer
Put away that DDT now
Give me spots on my apples
But leave me the birds and the bees

Although written over 40 years ago, Bryan believes that the messaging and wording is still relevant today. With climate change, plastic pollution and destruction of our natural world being more important than ever, Bryan wants to ensure this debate stays in focus with our generation and future generations to come.

The show next month will feature over 40 pieces of art in a format of paintings and sculptures. The sculptures will depict birds, a major passion of Bryan’s, whilst the paintings will focus on subject matters that have inspired Bryan throughout his life, including shooting, fishing, and messing about in the local woods as a child.

The exhibition invites viewers to explore themes and subjects that are happening in the natural and farming world today. Rotten apples, birds, and bees will play a role in his paintings, whilst tying it back to Joni Mitchell’s environmental messaging within her song lyrics. These themes and thoughts are all wrapped up in a decorative manner and in a range of sizes.

Bryan is widely regarded as one of the UK’s leading artists, having enjoyed many successful exhibitions around the world.

His exhibition starts on 25th October and runs until the 16th November 2019