Carys Avery Welsh – Featured Artist May 2021

by Fowey River Gallery | Fowey
Date of event: 01/05/21 - 31/05/21
Artist: Carys Avery Welsh

Cornwall is a place that Carys has visited regularly and her work is influenced by its beauty. She creates partially abstract acrylic landscapes typically depicting the sea or a body of water and uses a mixture of sponges and palette knives rather than a brush to create a more textured end result.

Her paintings establish a link between the landscape’s reality and that imagined by its observer. In order to achieve this, she will emphasise or omit certain aspects of the original landscape to accentuate the most aesthetic and sensual parts. Carys also works with pencil and watercolour to create hyper-realistic portraits of animals. They focus on the detailed aesthetics of the subject. She finds it satisfying to transfer the intricacies of the animal onto a page using nothing but colour and tone and enjoys the challenge of recreating something that is complex and detailed but instantly recognisable.

Carys is available for seascape and pet portrait commissions. Please enquire at