by Hang-Up Gallery | London
Date of event: 31/05/19 - 13/07/19
Artist: Tim Fishlock (Oddly Head)

In his second solo exhibition at Hang-Up, artist Tim Fishlock questions and appraises our information-saturated age and asks us to confront what the deluge of opinion, narcissism and image overkill is doing to our society.

INTROVERSION IMMERSION tackles the dreaded compulsions of social media and our own existential plight with thought-provoking and playful irreverence. Fishlock continues his shrewd comment on the fragile state of society and our place within it through his vibrant, text-based paintings, reflecting on our uneasy relationship with technology and how we are a slave to our own invention.

A site-specific installation titled INTROVERSION IMMERSION takes over the entire Hang-Up bunker in the form of an enclosed ‘room’ of 72 light boxes ranged floor to ceiling. Flooded with a beguiling fusion of words and colours, we are confronted with the fiction served up every day and reminded there is no language without deceit.

Upstairs, a series of six new paintings entitled SATISFACTORY LIVING are unified by the repetition of ME ME ME, presented alongside a heavy punchbag, stitched from rich leather, appliquéd with the word ‘ME’.

Fishlock’s important new work reminds us that our capacity to see, feel and question is circumscribed by the type of world we are immersed in. This timely exhibition challenges us to truly look and think about how we live.