Legacy – 1st June to 3rd July 2022

by Saul Hay Gallery | Manchester
Date of event: 01/06/22 - 03/07/22

An exhibition inspired and informed by the energy, lifestyle and understanding of a new way of life that reached its prominence in post war Britain. The term ‘Mid Century Modern’ would encapsulate the bringing together of minds from all parts of the world looking for an alternative pathway to a new reality, an escape from the pre conceived familiarity of a failing society, how to look again, see beauty in the forgotten, the lost, the unfamiliar and explore the poetics of space.

Featuring original works from pioneering  artists of the genre, Victor Pasmore, Francis Davison, Ben Nicholson, Paul Feiler and Terry Frost to contemporary artists working today, Elly Dijkshoorn, Steven Heaton, Peter Seal, John Taylor and Neil Wood continuing the ’Legacy’ of understanding the world we live in, how we choose to live, how we see and what can be revealed.