Marian Hill’s artist technique for collaging

Recently, we’ve been fascinated by some of the behind-the-scenes process of collaging and other works of art. We stumbled upon this beautiful yet fun post of Marian Hill and her collaging technique. Always wondered how an intricate collage was fabricated? Watch the video below.

Marian creates portraits of individual dwellings and fascinating street and wider views. All are meticulously constructed from paper. Having
studied illustration at Kingston University, as an illustrator she has seen her work published on book covers and on a series of postage stamps. She grew up in Somerset near the Mendip Hills and in pursuing her personal artistic practice in recent years it is the colours and textures of this landscape which have inspired her along with the rivers, weirs and seaside’s she gravitates to.

Marian Hill- Smoke House
Paper collage on laser cut birch ply


Each building speaks of its environment; reflecting the land and the material it gives up for its construction, its purpose and the activity surrounding it. In her intricate paper collages she skilfully manipulates fragments of printed paper selected for colour, gradient and texture, to build images which render light and shade through the sourced material alone. She laser cuts the birch ply base and floats her collage to accentuate this process.

Marian is currently exhibiting alongside Jane Askey at the Hybrid Gallery running from 11 May 2019 – 1now extended to 13th June 2019) A Street View

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