May Exhibition: New artists, new artworks

by Lux Gallery | Birmingham
Date of event: 01/05/23 - 31/05/23

We are absolutely delighted to be showcasing such an incredible selection of original artworks by some of Britain’s and Europe’s finest collectable artists.

We welcome 4 brand new artists to Lux for May, all with original artworks you won’t find anywhere else. All these artists are also represented exclusively by Lux in the Birmingham area.


With an enormous following, we are stoked to include the instantly-recognisable craft of Rozanne Bell. We have 5 artworks in different themes, shapes and sizes, so you’ll be sure to find that right spot in your home.

Her happy, colourful works look amazing in family homes, and bring a real sparkle to their environment.

One of 5 framed works by Rozanne Bell on sale from May

Simon Wright‘s city scenes are full of energy, colour and are equally distinctive. He portrays famous landmarks from London to Paris, to New York. We have a London scene framed in a striking black polished frame available. A real statement piece for any home

If you are after seeing other works by Simon, please contact us. We can source more works of various cities in different shapes and sizes

Big Ben, London – by Simon Wright

Hamish Herd has a real skill in encapsulating light and energy. His ability to show mood in nature has an almost heavenly quality. Originally from South Africa, and also a highly-skilled sculptor, Hamish has lived in the UK for a number of years.

We have 2 oil-on-canvas artworks available that will bring new energy to any room, and will be the talking point for all your guests.

One of 2 stunning artworks by Hamish Herd on sale from May

Katy Dobson has an enormous following online, and is well established in many quality galleries up and down the UK.

Her beautiful, colourful scenes featuring nature and animals are highly-collectable. We are thrilled to be working with Katy, having exclusivity to her brand new artwork ‘The Family’, including both the original painting and strictly-limited prints.

‘The Family’ – a specially-commissioned artwork by Katy Dobson especially for Lux

Gerdine Duijsens has a distinctive approach, that mocks the characters of high society indulging in over-excess. Often portrayed eating and drinking, Gerdine’s humorous work is like no one else.

Having previously stocked some her very largest works, we have acquired 2 smaller pieces for May. A great way to bring a little humour to you home.

One of 2 smaller artworks by Gerdine Duijsens for May 2023

Local artist Charles Pedone‘s profile is really starting to take off, his work now selling across the world, from New York to Dubai.

His luxurious ‘organic’ textured artworks are calming and resplendent. Consisting of various layers, metallic elements and a resin finish, his works boast a luxury finish that bring a real touch of class to their environment.

His latest work ‘Beyond’ is dark and absorbing, and is finished in a thick black frame.

‘Beyond’ – a luxury statement piece by local artist Charles Pedone

Other recent arrivals at the gallery include new unique pieces of jewellery by local maker Full Circle Jewellery. All Full Circle’s pieces are one-off creations, and not part of a collection. Once they’re gone, they’re really gone!

And we also have some new limited editions by Chris Chapman.

Taking a twist on classic modern art works, a dog and his master enjoy works by ‘Salvador Doolali’ and ‘Lickthenshine’. They are sure to bring a smile to your face. Framed, signed, and strictly limited to 35 copies each

The exhibition opens on Wednesday 3rd May, after the first May bank holiday. All artworks will be available to purchase from Monday 1st on our website