Own Art & Arteïa: Interview with Marianne Magnin, Arteïa UK Managing Director

The ultimate cataloguing software to manage your art collection.

As of 1st September, Own Art and Arteïa have joined forces and are on a mission to promote easier and more accessible options for the artworld.

With engineers and data encryption specialists and art professionals behind the platform, Arteïa Collect provides high quality and confidential tools to help manage your private collection securely and seamlessly.

From 1st September 2019 until 31st March 2020, Arteïa is offering you:

  • A 3-month free trial period on the ‘Light Plan’ (inclusive of the standard 30-day free trial period offer) and valid for the first year on an annual subscription basis. 
  • A 4-month free trial period on the ‘Standard Plan’ (inclusive of the standard 30-day free trial period offer) and valid for the first year on an annual subscription basis.

And we have some fantastic news for our Own Art member galleries coming soon with Drawing Room, an innovative way to showcase artworks for sale.

Tell us how Arteïa initially came to be?

Arteïa was created by large collectors who pooled their resources to develop a solution that would be better than their own personal attempts at developing a collection management system. The goal was to create an intuitive yet comprehensive and highly secure collection management tool. All our endeavours have sprung from there.

Arteïa is two years old, how has the company already progressed in this time?

Arteïa is in fact almost four years old. We launched Arteïa Collect, our collection management module in September of 2018. We are very keen to enrich the experience of collectors and actively listen to their recommendations, with regular upgrades and new functionalities being released monthly. We have also started onboarding solutions specifically designed to facilitate the interaction for private collectors with service providers such as art insurers and for corporate collections with the general public such as mobile AI recognition giving information about the artwork in real-time.

Artists, collectors and art professionals alike have all told us that they need more efficient ways to build and access records of artworks. We are therefore developing blockchain-enabled catalogues raisonnés, including through a joint venture with the famous art publisher Cahiers d’Art .

Do you have any big plans for Arteïa in the future? How and where can you see it growing?

The big next development step is an integrated eco-system enabled by smart contacts, a crypto-currency (ARTK) and AI, which is already operational and will be launched in the coming months. More details here.

There is a constant dialogue between art and technology, be that complimentary or conflictive. What are your thoughts on the advantages and disadvantages of how they co-exist?

Art and technology do more than co-exist, they are already very much intertwined and people use that integration without even thinking, for example consulting artists websites, sharing pictures on Instagram or participating in online auctions. We expect that technology will further shift behaviours in the art world towards more efficient and inclusive ways.

Can you tell us a bit more about how Arteïa protects the data uploaded onto the platform?

Uniquely, Arteïa Collect offers each collector their database with their own encryption keys, giving them complete control of who can access their collection. For an additional level of security, we store the data on our own cloud instead of a mutualised cloud system shared with other companies. Arteïa Collect also provides user permission sets and action logs.

“Art and technology do more than co-exist, they are already very much integrated…”

How can Own Art members benefit from Arteïa now that we have partnered up?

We are very excited for this partnership and the benefits it will give to both collectors, galleries and artists. In regards to collectors, whether you are an emerging or established collector, Arteïa Collect provides a state-of-the-art system to optimise the active management of your collection.

We don’t lose sight of the critical interactions between collectors and galleries. We offer galleries highly immersive virtual drawing rooms which aim to bridge offline and online engagement with collectors and new audiences. 

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