by The Old Lock Up Gallery | Cromford
Date of event: 15/01/23 - 04/03/23

Selene runs until 4th March, we are open Friday – Sunday 10-5pm.

Exhibiting Artists: Lisa Baraona – Caroline Brown – Louise Day – Charlotte Easingwood – Justine Formentelli – Lyn Hodnett – Gemma Petrie

With silver wings and a golden diadem, the goddess Selene shone brightly throughout the lands of ancient Greece. As the goddess of the moon, Selene captivated the hearts of ancient poets, authors, and orators, becoming as much a symbol of the glorious night as the proverbial light in the darkness. The moon is often associated with female energy and deities; while the sun is seen as male.

In essence, Selene is an exhibition celebrating female artists, their unique visual expression, an exploration of the feminine, and an acknowledgement of the gender bias that still exists within the visual arts.

The array of work in the show promises to be diverse and stunning - Exhibiting the work of 7 exceptional female artists - including ceramics, textiles and painting.