The Scottish New Wave

by Graystone Gallery | Edinburgh
Date of event: 14/03/24 - 07/04/24

With over 30 pieces on show, art lovers can enjoy a wealth of new perspectives. Each of these artists leans hard against the doors of perception, opening new portals to the imagination. In their own ways, they create and evolve artworks by elevating the esoteric and mundane, targeting both the science and mythologies that underpin our understandings.

  • Fanny Arnesen’s interpretation of the forest and the trees asks us to peer into a tantalising world hidden behind dense green boughs.
  • Sculptress Rachel Blackwell finds meaning in the transition between material states, reappraising and recreating ancient and mystical artefacts.
  • There is a natural beauty in mathematics and physics, from which Kinga Elliott draws inspiration for her uniquely complex designs.
  • Lizzie Lilley views socially significant events through the slow abstraction of photographic images, retaining their essence while interrogating and distilling key elements within them.
  • Working in the slivers between realities, Ruby Lord gives us a glimpse into colourful distortions of what is and what might be.

Great art exists at the edge of reason, at the confluence of perception and reality. No human eye can capture each blade of grass; so every painted landscape must contain an element of abstraction. Each picture, each artistic endeavour is the artist’s translation of their unique perspective, bounded by learning and experience. Yet great art also exists in the perception of the viewer. Like listening to half-heard song lyrics, it’s our own interpretation that contains meaning. In our latest exhibition, we’re featuring a new wave of Scottish art – art made by natives and newcomers, but each belonging to, and influenced by their environment.

Graystone Gallery owner and director Lesley Briggs is delighted to present ‘The Scottish New Wave’ and promote new and exciting artists. “This show has been such a joy to curate. I’m curious to see the reactions to this feast of the imagination,” she said. “We believe art is for everyone and we believe talented emerging artists deserve a decent public platform. That’s what Graystone aims to bring.”