A Machine For Making Authenticity

by Edinburgh Printmakers | Edinburgh
Date of event: 28/07/19 - 13/10/19

By Alastair Clark, Anupa Gardner, Catherine Hiley, Jessica Crisp and Jodi Le Bigre with independent curator David Gilbert.

Borrowing a phrase from James Clifford’s 1988 book The Predicament of Culture, in which he explores how the status of cultural objects can change over time, according to the value conferred on them by the museum or gallery: from ‘curiosity’ to ‘art’, ‘souvenir’ to ‘ethnographic artifact’, the exhibition plays on the transformation of Castle Mills from a site of mass industrial manufacture to one of handmade artistic production.

The print technicians at EP typically work with artists to create print editions - as a machine for making authenticity – but here we showcase their own work, together with a printmaking machine which will allow visitors to produce an unlimited edition print to take away, designed collaboratively by the artists. For more details on the beautiful works available, please contact the gallery.