Inner Visions

by AKA Fine Art | Cambridge
Date of event: 02/02/24 - 09/03/24

Inner visions combines the works of amazing artists Lucy Threlfall and Janet Keith, both interested in exploring the depth of human emotion within its contexts of the natural world.

Lucy Threlfall

Lucy Threlfall is a painter and printmaker based in north Hertfordshire. Her practice encompasses both commissioned portraits and large gestural oil paintings that fuse observations of nature with imagination and memory. Scenes of woods and skies, developed from sketches made outside, become stage sets for figures and storylines that she sees within the fabric of natural forms. Her work is influenced both by a degree in Art History and a more recent MA in printmaking: she takes inspiration from old master compositions and classical narratives – in particular the theme of metamorphosis – and is interested in exploring the tension between male and female.

Lucy has recently exhibited with Moorwood Fine Art, AKA Fine Art and Linden Hall Studios. Past exhibitions include the Royal Society of Portraits Painters in 2003, Christie’s in 2005 with the Garrick Milne prize and Wells Art Contemporary in 2019. In 2021 she was longlisted for the Jackson’s Art Prize and became a semi-finalist in Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year, painting the singer Celeste.

Janet Keith

'Attended St. Andrews University in Scotland taking an M.A. (Hons) in the History of Art. After that came a post graduate law conversion course and practice as a solicitor for about 20 years in London . During that time I completed a B.A. (Hons) in Painting (part time), took many courses at The Prince of Wales Drawing School and with Robin Child at his Art Research Centre in Devon.'

'If I had to label my approach I would say it was ‘non objective’ painting - meaning that the painting does not have a starting point out there in the visual world - a tree, a figure, seascape or whatever which is then abstracted in some way. Rather, the starting point comes from within me - energy - manifested in marks and areas of paint put down on the canvas - spontaneously and quickly without any thought, judgement or notion of how the painting will look. I sometimes think of this phase as being like the sound of an orchestra tuning up - a purposeful cachophony.'  - Janet Keith