Live with it

by Mura Ma | Manchester
Date of event: 02/09/23 - 21/10/23

30 Northern artists and designers have been invited to co-create an imagined home environment to explore the idea of the home as an artistic practice.

“Somewhere between an expanded still life and a stage set-an invitation to participate in an imagined occupancy. A mise-en-scene.”  Kirsty Bell, The Artist’s House.

Facilitated by artists Jane Fairhurst and Nan Collantine, who have handed over the installation process to the artists themselves. ‘Live with it’ will begin with a series of unseen performative elements, starting with the activation of the space with sculptures by Kat Button and Jane Fairhurst.

Viewers will be invited to enter the created space to experience the imagined environment that mimics the ‘artists house’.

‘Live with it’ will also include events and activities that will investigate home as a place of creative endeavour, observe and discuss the practice of collecting and arranging, and explore how domestic labour and caring can be reframed as valuable creative capital.

The exhibition will evolve as art and all objects in the exhibition are available to buy – taken away as you would in a shop.  Sold objects and artworks will be replenished on a weekly basis and different artists will be invited to place work within the installation.

Exhibiting artists:

Eleanor Lovell

Kat Button

Margaret Cahill

Julie Cassels

Nan Collantine

Alison Edmonds

Erika Groeneveld

Lesley Halliwell

Nicola Hood

Jane Fairhurst

Emma Jackson

Emma Lloyd

Alison Friendly

Jane McKeating

Sophie Nixon

Michelle Olivier

Jen Orpin

Di Terry

Jann Thorpe

Jude Wainwright

Saudina Wilson

Hannah Wooll