by Pause/Play |
Date of event: 09/05/19 - 09/06/19

‘Pause/Play’, an exhibition of Pop Art.

Featuring the latest collections from legendary Specials bassist Horace Panter, Chris Barton, and Mat Lazenby, ‘Pause Play’ reinvents what contemporary Pop Art exhibitions are capable of.

Rewind back to when music was pre-iPod, and the coolest, most intimate way to listen to music was with a Sony Walkman.

The device revolutionised your favourite song. It also became a statement, the way true game-changing gadgets do.

Pop Culture and the Pop Art that represents it waxes and wanes. We are now at a fascinating juncture where cutting edge technology and nostalgia are intersecting.

‘Pause/Play’ Gallery event May 18th. Open 11-5pm

The exhibition ends June 9th 2019.


Horace Panter: An occupation of Panter's alongside his performing with the Specials is art. He has been a professional artist since 2010 and has exhibited throughout the UK. His work is based on traditional forms of iconography fused with the sensibilities of British Pop Art

Chris Barton:  Born in Derby in 1959. Forgoing Art College, he plunged straight into the world of printing and graphic design and spent eleven years as a freelance art director and visualiser for many advertising agencies in London. Having always been interested in Films and filmmaking, he began working as an animatronic mechanical designer for Jim Henson’s Creature Shop in 1987. Responsible for creating the inner mechanisms of creatures for such films as The Witches, The Flintstones and Babe for nine years at Henson’s, Chris became a freelance lead mechanical designer for The Fifth Element, Star Wars ‘The Phantom Menace’ and six of the Harry Potter films, working on such notable creations as Yoda, Kermit the Frog, Hagrid the Giant and Mad Eye Moody. After twenty three years in the film industry, Chris left to join the Honda Grand Prix Formula 1 Racing Team, making aerodynamic models of racing cars for wind-tunnel testing. For the last seven years Chris has been designing bespoke displays for collectors of original film props and costumes, and in 2015 began putting his acquired knowledge and skills to use, creating his signature four times larger than life cassettes and cassette cases. With acrylic on canvas, hand painted inlays and individually fashioned cases and cassettes faithful in every detail, the cassettes are the equal of any nostalgic memories of the diminutive originals. Chris is currently working on private commissions and has just enjoyed a successful trip to Los Angeles in August 2018. His shared exhibition with acclaimed artists Morgan Howell and Horace Panter, of their popular ‘Cassette versus Vinyl’ show was in London at the Old Truman Brewery in October 2017, following on from the success of their Manchester, Los Angeles, London Gibson & Dublin exhibitions.

Mat Lazenby:  Well respected throughout the UK as one of the North's foremost designers, Mat is a founder member of the York Guild of Media Arts and a creative fellow of both the Cleveland Collage of Art and Design and York St John University. His 'Myth America' series is a response to what it is to experience the exotic legends of America, and especially New York, from the vantage point of a young consumer in the 1980s.