Robert Greenhalf : Wild Wings Over Lonely Shores

by Robert Greenhalf : Wild Wings Over Lonely Shores |
Date of event: 07/06/19 - 28/06/19
Artist: Robert Greenhalf

For Robert, drawing in his sketchbook is the essential prelude to the finished work. This is about information gathering and getting to know the subject and its habitat intimately and for him there is no substitute for spending time observing and drawing. He says “Spend a couple of hours or so with your subject and you will certainly know a lot more about it than if you had merely ‘snapped’ it with your camera and moved on.As a result his paintings and woodcuts have a lively spontaneity and authenticity.

 Robert Greenhalf is a keen birdwatcher and has been a member of the Society of Wildlife Artists since 1981. This exhibition will include nearly 50 oil paintings and hand-printed woodcuts evocative of the habitats and birdlife that have inspired him.

“In this exhibition, ‘Wild Wings over Lonely Shores’, I have brought together paintings and original prints of the birds and landscapes that I have encountered on my frequent visits to our coastline. There are the wild flat expanses of shore and marshes abounding with wildfowl and waders, then there are the sea cliffs and islands teeming with nesting seabirds and even a few forays into the hills and moors, though never far from the coast. It is in these wildly beautiful and often lonely places that I most often find my inspiration.”writes Robert Greenhalf