What other art fair than The Other Art Fair?

Date of event: 07/04/19 - 07/07/19

West Handyside Canopy, King’s Cross

The Own Art team visited our partners at The Other Art Fair private view last night to peruse the many passages of artists and their selection of works – and we thought we would share just a few of our favourite bits with you.

The work represented at the fair is such an outstanding selection of diverse and distinctive styles, it will be hard not to want to go away with a piece of something. This is why it’s so great to have a scheme like Own Art: paying monthly installments for your favourite print or painting, walking away with it the same day, and paying easy monthly installments for it with 0% interest.

What’s the catch? There is no catch. We believe everyone should be able to enjoy art for themselves, no matter how old you are and what salary you’re on. This means there is no excuse for you millenials to get to the fair and purchase something to start your very own art collection – guilt and interest free.

Amongst the sea of shoulders and leaflet scratches as people squeeze by you, single file, around the fair, the landscape paintings of Jonathon Speed are a welcome display. There is an instant feeling of calm at his booth when you engage in the softened settings; you can almost feel the breeze. @jonathanspeedartist

Jonathon Speed at booth #093

Simon McCheung previously exhibited at Sony Awards Exhibition 2018, in Somerset House. McCheung uses photography in a gracefully uncanny way, and hearing the stories of his travels to China and Iceland, his methodology behind the madness is both heartwarming and quite systematic. Some favourites are from his Interstellar series. For animal lovers, don’t miss his works on Companions: his subjects of Hamsters and Kittens make a star feature that leaves a soft spot in our hearts. @simon.mccheung

Another photographer not to be missed is Gina Soden who is a fine art photographer in London. Gina produces stunning, historical and quite lyrical pieces. With a painter’s aesthetic, we’re faced with strikingly beautiful ruined imagery whilst offering a sense of calmness amongst the havoc of destitute buildings. Soden does something wonderful by simply reviving something that is past and gone, and as the viewer we end up believing the buildings are very much alive in her work. @ginasodenartist

Gina Soden at booth #097

‘Those We Love and Loathe’ is a satirical social commentary piece displaying the famous and the infamous in a comical telephone box advertisement style. You won’t leave until you’ve taken in every single one, and you may walk away feeling a little bit guilty you laughed. I never thought I would see Mother Teresa advertised as ‘Naughty Teresa’, captioned as ‘Very Flirty’ with a number to call on her ‘Heavenly Services’. Cue guilty lol.  @taliagolchin

Will Clarke displays a wonderful marriage of architectural illustration and bold print. It’s interesting to hear how the screen printing process is so controlled and precise, but the colourful urban landscapes that result are contrarily playful. However, that’s not the only captivating thing about booth #047, Clarke was proud to advertise the certifiably biodegradable packaging his prints were protected in – and as he should be!  @willclarkeprints

Will Clarke at booth #047

Xan Padrón is a Galician photographer from Spain, not only does he use a journalistic approach, he uses a time-lapse photography technique which plays with time and more specifically his idea of pausing and adding patience to his subjects. Then he combines the images of everyday people going past his camera and his finely selected background in a location abroad. His Time lapse series is also a commentary of the local and cultural identities of people. Whilst, inviting the viewer to see how people fit into a bigger picture. Padróns’ Time Lapse series are a colorful, playful and seductive to the viewers as we often become interested in how another lives, often in social media, literature and popular culture. @xanpadron

Xan Padrón at booth #078

Surviladze’s booth had traffic at a stand still – captivating audiences with the play between dimension and perspective in his paintings. Each piece was awe-inspiring as you realise that not all shadows are as two-dimensional as they may seem. An incredibly lively view of different crowds. @merabsurviladze

The Other Art Fair is on until Sunday 7th July, so make sure you pass through and let us know what your favourite pieces were from the Fair. @theotherartfair

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Make sure you pick up an Own Art flyer at the payment stall inside the fair.

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Written by Mia Dunning & Teresa Fan.

Photo credit of pictures the Other Art Fair King’s Cross taken by Teresa Fan.